Offline classes take place at my office in Berlin or at your place/office, depending on what is more convenient for you. Face-to-face classes give the chance to take advantage of resources which are still difficult to use online (e.g. book chapters, film excerpts, songs or even museums, city walks and cinemas), which is what you will love about them! The first 60-minute class will cost you 10 EUR. Starting from the second class, have a look at the prices below. Classes that don't take place at my office but within Berlin metropolitan area take a 5 up to 12 EUR extra fee into account. Ad Hoc arrangements are possible for workshops/classes in London and other cities in Europe.


60 minutes

5 classes 150 EUR • 10 classes 270 EUR • 10 classes in 6 weeks 250 EUR


60 minutes

5 classes 85 EUR each • 10 classes 150 EUR each • 10 classes in 8 weeks 140 EUR each


For bigger groups or requests regarding courses and pricing, feel free to contact me using this form.